----- PHOBOS V - An evening of dark ambient music -----

This year´s Phobos festival features Schloss Tegal, Galerie Schallschutz, Vestigial, Tho-So-Aa and Phelios. Presale has started, you can get your tickets here. Please contact me if you experience trouble. Email: phelios@posteo.de


LOCATION: Sophienkirche Wuppertal (google maps)
DATE: 26.10.2013
TIME: 19:00 (doors open, shows start at 20:00)
PRICE: 20,- Euro
HOTEL: The closest hotel is the McDreams

FOOD / DRINKS: We sell drinks for very reasonable prices. It is allowed to bring your own food to the concerts.
You can get something to eat in the Luisentraße which starts at the Sophienkirche. We recommend Cafe du Congo or Katzengold. VERY recommended is the Cafe Zweistein which is also very close. They start the kitchen at 19:00 so it´s more an aftershow thing to go

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